IRS Tax Resolution

Nearly 14 million Americans and businesses are overwhelmed by insurmountable tax debt. Unfortunately, many businesses have to decide whether they will pay their tax debt or their employees’ salaries. Similarly, taxpayers are forced to choose between paying for their landlords or Uncle Sam. Tax debt can seem like a never-ending downward spiral, especially when the penalties and interest start to kick in.

This is where SG Law Group can help with Tax debt

At SG Law Group, we understand the feelings of helplessness and frustration that come with owning the IRS money, and our dedicated team of attorneys is determined to relieve you of that burden. We can help lower your tax debt to a manageable level and, in some cases, extinguish the debt altogether. Our firm has created a strategy of using the very rules and regulations that bind the IRS to reduce or eliminate tax debt, penalties, and interest. Regardless of whether the debt stems from personal income tax, corporate income tax, or payroll tax, you can count on SG Law Group to free you from the shackles of tax debt so you or your business can flourish once again. 

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