IRS Tax Resolution

SGLawgrpoup announces its new area of practice in IRS Tax Resolution!  Nearly 14 million Americans and businesses are overwhelmed by insurmountable tax debt — whether it is income tax liability that can amount to the same as one pays for their basic monthly living expenses to businesses who find themselves having to choose between paying taxes and paying employees’ salaries. As a result, many taxpayers are ultimately forced to choose and usually choose survival overpaying their taxes.  This painful choice leaves them unable to meet their tax requirements.  As time goes on and the amounts increase, further compounded by penalties and interest, taxpayers are left drowning in tax debt and feeling they have no way of escaping this never-ending downward spiral.

This is where SG Law Group can help with Tax debt

Our dedicated team of attorneys and professionals will help those with high tax debts bring down the amount to a manageable level and, in some cases, eliminate the debt altogether.  Coupled with the firm’s experience in tax preparation and planning, we use the very rules and laws that bind the IRS.  And we work tirelessly to reduce and remove tax debt, penalties, and interest.  No matter if it is personal income tax, corporate income tax, or employment/payroll tax debt, SG Law Group is committed to working with you to remove the shackles of tax debt that is stifling your personal future goals and/or stunting the growth of your business.

Wondering how SG Law Group can help you?  Not sure if your tax debt is considered?  Give SG Law Group a call!  We are ready to bring you freedom from your tax debts! Click here to contact us!