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Property InsuranceWas your property insurance claim denied, delayed, or underpaid? Give us a call and let us do the legal work to help you!

When your home or business has suffered property damages, filing a claim can be stressful and tedious. Not to mention, insurance claims are not always upheld to the standard that they should be. Oftentimes, claims are denied, delayed, or underpaid by insurance companies.

Did You Know Insurance Companies Are Contractually Obligated To Cover The Expenses Necessary To Restore Your Property To Its Pre-loss Condition?

If you have taken the appropriate steps to file your claim and feel it was not properly paid out, it is best advised to hire an attorney to help you. After all, insurance companies have countless professionals representing them to assess the damages of your home or business, you are also entitled to have someone representing you.

At SG Law Group, we are committed to helping policyholders receive the compensation they deserve for their property damage claims. We will help you get the maximum coverage amount. If you are underpaid, only an attorney can file a suit against the insurance company to get you what is rightfully yours.

Steps To Take When Filing A Property Damage Claim:

  • Retain Legal Counsel:
    • An attorney can help review the policy coverage available and the limitations, deductibles, and specific requirements to make an insurance claim. Only an attorney can represent you in a lawsuit for underpaid and denied claims. If you are already working with an adjuster and your claim has been underpaid or denied, an attorney can still represent you.
  • Property InsuranceReporting Your Claim:
    • It is important that you report your claim right away.
      • Our attorneys can report the claim for you and represent you throughout the entire process, from the initial statement to the negotiation of compensation.
  • Keep Records:
    • It is important to maintain records of every quote and expense you incurred to restore your property to its pre-loss state. If you incurred expenses to prevent further damage (water mitigation, tarping, etc); keep those receipts to ensure you are adequately reimbursed.
  • Allow the Insurance Company to Assess Damage:
    • In order to receive sufficient compensation for your claim, it is essential that you provide the insurance assessor time to evaluate the damage before any repairs are made. Without an assessment of the damage, the insurance company has nothing to base the claim on.
  • Stay Positive:
    • A property claim can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. Let our property claim experts help you. Our firm does not charge any fees until the claim has been settled. When a case must be filed, legal fees are paid by the insurance company and the client does not pay anything from the insurance settlement.
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Let's Work Together! Call us Now!
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