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Are You Seeking Probate Assistance In Broward, FL?

SG Law Group is here to provide you with the legal skills needed to effectively navigate the probate process.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. While this should be a time for you and your family to mourn, it is unfortunately likely that there are legal issues that must be attended to. Managing the administration of another individual’s estate can be a complex legal process, that’s why working with a qualified attorney is so important.

Distributing assets and property through the court system is known as probate, and many people are not equipped to deal with this process on their own. However, with the oversight of an experienced probate lawyer, you will be able to successfully navigate probate – and put the whole process behind you.

SG Law Group is a probate law firm that cares deeply about the welfare of our clients. We understand that this process can be tedious and stressful, which is why we aim to take this burden off of you and your family so that you can focus on what matters most: your emotional well-being.

Our firm’s aim is to prevent any challenges from arising, including disputes or any other unforeseen consequences. Drawing from years of legal experience, we know what it takes to effectively navigate the probate process, and we’re prepared to do the same for you.

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What Is The Probate Process, And How Does It Work?

Probate Lawyer, Broward, Florida Probate is the court-overseen process of assessing a person’s estate after they pass away. This involves distributing their assets to the correct beneficiaries, and ensuring that their debts are paid. If a person passes away without designating where their assets go, these belongings enter the legal system to be dealt with. In Florida, there are two primary types of probate: Summary Administration and Formal Administration. Summary Administration is a much shorter and cheaper process than Formal Administration, although not all estates qualify. If the decedent has been deceased for more than 2 years, or if their assets did not exceed $75,000, then their estate may be eligible for Summary Administration. Formal Administration is much more common, but is often more complex than Summary Administration. This type of probate requires that the heirs designate a personal representative and petition the court to open the estate. Every case is different, however, it is highly recommended to work with a probate wills attorney throughout the entire process to ensure that everything is handled properly.
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Do All Estates Have To Go Through Probate, Or Are There Alternatives?

Probate Lawyer, Broward, Florida All estates do not go through probate. If an individual passes away without a trust or will (and has assets solely in their name), then probate is required to distribute the money and property. However, if the decedent had an estate plan established that included a trust or will, it is much more likely that the probate process would be avoided.

SG Law Group: A Firm Dedicated To The Success Of Our Broward-Based Clients

At SG Law Group, we put our clients first no matter what. We understand that the probate process can be daunting and overwhelming. That’s why we make it our priority to sit down with you personally to establish a viable plan of action. No matter where you may be in the probate process, SG Law Group stands with you. Are you seeking a probate process lawyer in Broward, FL that can help you confidently navigate through the legal system? Call SG Law Group today to find out how we can help you and your family achieve the legal solutions you are looking for!
Let's Work Together! Call us Now! | (305) 606-6139 | (305) 285-3042
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