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  • Published: June 1, 2022

Why You Need A Good Lawyer At Your Real Estate Closing

By: Shira J. Biegacz

The process of buying New York real estate can sometimes prove to be a minefield. Purchasing a home is the largest financial commitment most people will ever face. It can also be a very confusing time and it’s essential that any and all issues are dealt with before the contracts are signed.

Most buyers are not experts in real estate law, and there are a few considerations that should be discussed on the benefits of having an expert at your real estate closings:

Mortgage Documentation

If the purchase involves a loan, the lender will generally have all the documents they want signed ready for you. The terms of the mortgage, including rates and repayments, should have been thoroughly explained and you should have been given ample time to review the documents. However, an experienced lawyer will check the papers thoroughly and ensure everything is reasonable and in good order for a seamless purchase, saving you the risk of making an expensive mistake.

Title Issues

In real estate closings it is not uncommon for a title issue to turn up at the last minute, threatening your purchase. A good New York lawyer will review the title search and resolve any problems before the closing. You will be given advice on how to proceed if something unexpected comes up.

Expert Guidance

It is important to have someone at your side at this important time, and having a lawyer will provide you with peace of mind. You will have an expert adviser ready at any stage to deal with all of your concerns before signing the final document. From questions on previous renovations or termites found during your home inspection, to anything else you can think of, we will be on hand to guide you through.

So take control of your purchase and call SG Law Group to take care of all your home buying legal needs.

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