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  • Published: October 25, 2017
Just Because You Cut Your Finger Are You Qualified to Perform Open Heart Surgery

Picture This:

you cut your finger chopping vegetables. Immediately, you run to your medicine cabinet and treat the cut on your finger: you wash the cut with saline solution in order to disinfect it, add a splash of hydrogen peroxide, rub some anti-biotic ointment, and cover the cut with a bandage.

Now, are you ready and qualified to perform open-heart surgery on yourself?

In the same vein, imagine you just finished writing a romance novel: ten chapters of long storylines, intricate dialogues between characters, and even a plot twist right in the middle. Because you know how to read and have the ability to write long storylines, does that mean you now have the qualifications to write the agreements for a merger between two Fortune 500 companies?

Now, are you ready and qualified to perform open-heart surgery on yourself?The fact is that just because you can treat a cut on your finger or write long storylines does not mean you are qualified to handle more detailed procedures, such as open-heart surgery or complex merger agreements. More importantly, this does not mean you should risk it!

When undergoing an open-heart surgery, one should feel comfortable enough to entrust his or her care to a professional who has been trained in that particular field. By the same token, when dealing with legal issues (such as merger agreements) one should not take the risk of handling these issues themselves. There are a handful of qualified individuals, who have been through over three years of legal training, ready to help with these matters. Legal issues, such as contract drafting and litigation (whether it be civil, criminal, or appellate), can be as sophisticated and complex as performing open-heart surgery. More importantly, like in the medical scenario, when one has a legal issue, there is typically a lot at stake, from the person’s business to, at times, their life.

Like the fact of having a surgeon perform open-heart surgery, it is important that any individual handling legal matters be qualified and experienced, in order to ensure the best outcome for the client. If you would not feel comfortable performing open-heart surgery on yourself, why would you risk ensuring the best legal outcome by self-lawyering?

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