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Let's Work Together! Call us Now! (305) 606-6139 | (305) 285-3042

  • Published: October 9, 2014

Avoid is hiring people that you know and assuming nothing can go wrong. In order to be successful, you should hire people who are best suited and have expertise in their designated role. Avoid taking your family members or friends and try to fit them into a role that they may not be suited for. By hiring people you trust, you may think that having them sign contracts such as a non-compete or confidentiality agreements are unnecessary. However, just because you are on good terms now does not mean that things will not change in the future. If a family member or friend never signed a non-compete or confidentiality agreement, they can take your business’s trade secrets and start their own competing business, using the knowledge they have gained from working in your business. Getting everything in writing is the key to protecting your business!

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