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Generally, a written lease contract is necessary, regardless of the time frame, to protect you from other issues, such as problems with the condition of the property or failure to return the security deposit, and remedies for any issues that may arise.
Attorneys provide a great deal of knowledge and expertise in terms of drafting contracts. While you may have some knowledge of the transactions, attorneys have the ability to handle any issues that may arise. Ask yourself, is it worth losing more than just some business?
Under certain circumstances, a contract may be rescinded. Should you wish to know if your circumstance justifies a rescission, speak with one of our attorneys.
Generally, if another party does not adhere to their part in the contract the party is in breach. At this point, the non-breaching party has some options and should speak to an attorney to learn of his/her rights.
Absolutely. Generally, while the “at will” state allows an employer to terminate an employee for no cause, an employee can still raid the company of its confidential information, client lists, and any other piece of information made privy to the employee by way of his/her employment absent an agreement.
A contract should contain the essential terms such as what is to be performed by both parties with as much specificity as possible along with a time frame if necessary. If a sale of goods is involved, then the quantity of goods should be included.
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Let's Work Together! Call us Now!
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