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Estate PlanningWhat Is Estate Planning?

One’s financial interests, especially when they involve family, can be a blessing but also a curse if not structured properly. Our Firm is properly situated to help in structuring the right plan for your family and your financial interests. Furthermore, we will assist, as necessary, with communicating your decisions with your heirs to install seamless transition of assets. This helps to reduce the likelihood of any unnecessary litigation and/or altercations when assets are eventually distributed. We will also assist in preserving as much of the assets in the hands of your heirs through proper tax planning, which reduces any unnecessary tax liability.

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This document ensures successful passage of assets to your heirs. We will help create a plan, draft the document, and prepare formal execution of the will to help make sure it is clear and will have as little contesting as possible …Read More


There are two basic types of trusts, testamentary and living trusts (living trusts are also called inter-vivos trusts). A testamentary trust is created in a person’s last will and testament. …Read More

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