What is are Corporate Booklets, Shares, and Member Certificates?

A corporate booklet holds all the important information about your corporation. It will include your Articles of Incorporation/Organization, a shareholder ledger, minutes from shareholders meetings, company seal, and so on. These documents are the essential documents of the company and should be kept in a safe place. Like many company documents, this document may/should be amended from time to time to ensure its intent continues to serve the needs of the shareholders.


  • Any business that incorporates.
  • Businesses with important documents.

All corporations should have a Corporate booklet which, includes such information as the governing documents. It allows owners to keep the official documents in one location to reduce the chances of these important documents getting lost. Therefore, this is best for individuals looking to incorporate their business so the important documents can be kept in a safe place.

Completion Time
Approximately 5 business days*

*Depending on Specifications

Why our firm?
Our Firm understands the sensitivity of these documents and our team will use our personalized attention to ensure that your information is kept private. We will also ensure you are getting a complete Corporate Booklet with all your shares and Member Certificates created. In addition to preparing your Corporate Booklet, our Firm will be there to assist you if/when it becomes necessary to amend or add any members and create new member certificates.

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