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Condominium AssociationWhy Is It Important To Have An Attorney From SG Law Group When Handling Your Condominium Association Issues?

Condominium associations were designed to provide people in a specific condominium building the ability to better control issues related to condominiums (or condos) in their building or buildings. The controls are created with the condominium association through rules and regulations. The rules and regulations list what the condominium owner can and cannot do within their condo and in the common areas. While most would say these restrictions on what an owner can do with his/her property is not allowed, condominium associations, once established, normally place restrictions on every deed in the building. These rules limit actions from having pets to how many people can visit or stay in the condo at any one time.

The ultimate goals were to establish a community people would enjoy living and also maintaining a certain amount of property value. Of course, along with the association rules and regulations are the assessments each condominium owner must pay to finance the rules enforcement and maintenance of common areas for the benefit of the condominium owners (e.g., trimming grass in front and/or back of the building, upkeep of clubhouse or pool, security, etc.). Unfortunately, ensuring all condominiums in the condominium association adhere to the rules and regulations can be daunting. Adding to this issue are condominium owners with their own issues that affect the condominium association such as foreclosures and bankruptcy, which only complicate the condominium association’s ability to enforce the rules and regulations.

Benefits Of Having An Attorney Represent Your Association

  • Attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the law.
  • Can represent the association in any and all legal matters and determine the proper course of action.
  • Are available for counsel and advice as needed.

Why SG Law Group?

This is where SG Law Group can help. Our firm of dedicated attorneys can help you manage your condominium association in various ways. This includes consulting regarding future actions of the association and the board, collections of past due assessments, enforcement letters regarding rules, and even filing and foreclosure on liens on condominium properties. We are here to help you. Have any questions? Please give us a call. We would be happy to show you how we can help your condominium association.

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Let's Work Together! Call us Now!
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