What are Bylaws or Operating Agreements?

By-laws and operating agreements are documents made among shareholders and members (LLC owners) about how the company should be governed. An operating agreement is a term used for a limited liability company (or LLC), while corporations have bylaws.

Both of these documents are important because they provide a process to communicate issues regarding the affairs of the company, as well as handle any disputes among owners, directors, officers, and/or managers. While some websites will provide blank forms of these documents, it is important that these documents are tailored to your company’s needs. Like many company documents, these documents may/should be amended from time to time to ensure its intent continues to serve the needs of the company.


  • Any business that incorporates should have a set of these documents.
  • Businesses with specific requests and terms that expect company personnel to follow.

If you are considering owning an LLC or corporation in Florida, bylaws or operating agreements are among the essential documents that should be drafted for your business. Both, by-laws for corporations and operating agreements for LLCs, lay out important principles upon which the business is to be run. These documents are vital if you will have more than one owner.

Completion Time
Approximately 2 business days*

*Depending on Specifications

Why SG Law Group?

Our firm has helped numerous clients draft governing documents such as By-Laws and Operating Agreements. We take a personal approach with each client to ensure your needs are met. We will make sure your By-Laws and Operating Agreements fit your corporation needs specifically. While some websites will provide you with blank form documents that require you to fill out the missing information, our Firm will draft your By-Laws/Operating Agreement entirely to leave little guess work in terms of drafting. As attorneys, we can draft the document and also educate you on how the By-Laws/Operating Agreement will function in your company as well as answer any questions you may have regarding the different clauses.

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