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Let's Work Together! Call us Now! (305) 606-6139 | (305) 285-3042

Buying And SellingWhat are Real Estate Closing Documents?

Virtually all real estate transactions will require closings in order to finalize a transfer of property title. Our Firm will help you by reviewing the documents such as the HUD statement and being present with you at the time of closing.

Benefits of having a Lawyer

  • Anyone involved in the buying and selling of the property.
  • Clients seeking representation for buying and selling the property.
  • Anyone who is purchasing or selling a property who seeks representation for closings.

How long does it take to review Real Estate Closing Documents?

Approximately 5-7 business days*
*Depending on Specifications

Why SG Law Group to review your Real Estate Closing Documents?

We are generally confronted with multiple documents and regulations with respect to such transactions. Even if the transaction seems simple, having an attorney on your side will protect you from any law overlooked or an important clause not considered. Our Firm can ensure the transaction is properly effectuated and can be enforced. Additionally, our Firm will be with you every step of the way until the closing is complete.

Hire an affordable, professional Attorney to represent you with your real estate closing documents Today!

SG Law Group.

Let's Work Together! Call us Now!
(305) 606-6139 |
(305) 285-3042

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