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Let's Work Together! Call us Now! (786) 788-8756 | (786) 788-8982

  • Published: March 14, 2014

As a small business owner, it is very important to forge personal relationships with your customers. While personal relationships help in maintaining current customers as well as attaining new ones, those relationships also make debt collection difficult. When simply sending out an invoice does not result in prompt payment, you need to invest a lot of time and effort into collecting your business’s debts, while still maintaining professional and positive communication with your customer. That is why it is important to hire an attorney to collect your debt for you. While debt collection agencies can alienate your customers by using harassment and scare tactics in an attempt to collect your debt, we know how to contact debtors in a professional, firm manner. We have the expertise and proven tactics to achieve the results you want. We can do more than the typical debt collection agency by settling debts, arranging payment plans, or resorting to litigation. SG Law Group will work with you to get the results you want, while allowing you to focus on your business and maintain crucial business relationships.

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