Real Estate Transactions 2012-02-19T06:22:24+00:00

We offer many real estate services. Here are some the real estate services we offer:

a. Closings – Virtually all real estate transactions will require closings. Our firm will help you by reviewing the documents such as the HUD statement and being present with you at the time of closing.

b. Lease Drafting and Reviewing – When taking on a tenant or needing to sign a lease, our firm is positioned to help regardless of whether you are the landlord or the tenant. For landlords, we can help you with both drafting your lease, while for tenants, we can help you by reviewing any lease you are to sign to ensure your interests are as protected as possible.

c. Landlord/Tenant Disputes – Unfortunately, there may be occasions where the lease may need to be enforced due to a breach from either side. Regardless of whether you are landlord or tenant, we are here to help you by proceeding to protect your interest as necessary.