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[tabswrap] [tabhead id=”1″] What is a Pre-Nuptial Agreement? [/tabhead] [tabhead id=”2″] Benefits [/tabhead] [tabhead id=”3″] Completion Time [/tabhead] [tabhead_last id=”4″] Why our firm? [/tabhead_last] [tab id=”1″] Also known as a “pre-nup,” a prenuptial agreement is an agreement to pre-determine the terms a divorce before you have married.

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Individuals who are planning to marry and wish to have non-martial assets set aside along with determining the division of marital assets.

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[/tab] [tab id=”4″] While some people criticize pre-nuptial agreements as being a bet that you will divorce, drafting a prenuptial agreement is often a good decision even if you have no doubts about the marriage. Our Team takes a delicate approach to protecting your interest while taking into account your future marriage when handling the matter.