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The following are many of the important elements every Corporation/LLC should have:

a. Employer Identification Number (Tax ID) – This is your identifying number that all entities are required in order to file documents and prepare and file tax returns.

b. Standard Articles of Incorporation (Articles of Organization – LLC’s) – This document formally creates the legal entity. We will draft the document so to ensure your company is correctly created.

c. Filing Fee – All entity creations require a filing fee. The fee accompanies the articles as mentioned here.

d. Corporate Booklet (includes stamp and certificates) – The corporate booklet is where all the important company documents are held such as the articles, stock ledger, minutes, agendas, etc. We will have this booklet with the sections necessary to organize the company’s most important documents.

e. 2553 filing (if applicable) – This is the document necessary to treat the corporation as an S-Corporation for tax purposes. We will file this document for you to help make sure you are not taxed as C-corporation or as a disregarded entity (if appliacable).

f. Free Consultation with Attorney* – You will certainly have questions with the setup and structure. This will be your opportunity to speak to a licensed attorney to have all your questions answered.

g. By-Laws (Operating Agreements – LLC’s) – These are the documents that dictate how the company will deal with decision making and other major issues such as voting, quorum, and dissolution to name a few. With your input, we will prepare this document to help make sure many of the various issues that may come up will not affect the actions of the company.

h. Additional Articles of Incorporation (Articles of Organization for LLC’s) – It may be necessary to include additional articles to protect either the shareholders or the members. Upon speaking with you, we will include these articles to help make sure the owners are protected and the company is protected from what the future may hold.