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Prudent Small Business Legal Recommendations

Featured in Latin Business Today in July 2015

Improving Small Business Performance Through “Benchmarking”

As we all know, was the season for paying Uncle Sam.  And for business owners, this month had been an especially delicate time as business owners are juggling with running a business and meeting with their tax professional regularly (sometimes daily) to ensure they do not pay any unnecessary income taxes.

Featured in Latin Business Today on April 29, 2015

Small Business Makeover: Taking A-KiD’s Party Express in Hialeah to the next level

“My recommendation is to take advantage of the history of the old name while introducing a new one.” He recommended rolling out the name as a new division of the company: “I prefer the new division concept as this would enable a slow transition out of the old name while building the brand of the new name.”

Featured in the Miami Herald on March 6, 2015

The S-Corp or the New LLC?

The question was usually followed by a serious of pros and cons of each structure. Of course, an S Corporation, in and of itself, is not an actual legal structure but a tax election that, previously, was designed for corporate structures and partnership entities such as the LLC.

Featured in Latin Business Today on January 6, 2015

Happy birthday to Miami-Dade SCORE, helping small businesses for 50 years

As the New Miami captures the headlines and the spotlight, know that traditional Miami will always be here to guide and help business owners, no matter their industry.

New Miami? Traditional Miami? The fact is we’re all in it together to build one big, vibrant and prosperous Miami.

Featured in The Miami Herald blog, The Starting Gate, on November 6, 2014

Valuable Lessons Learned From My Hispanic Family

Throughout my life, I always endeavored to own a business to both create and control my own future. This mindset was fostered by both sides of my family. As a result, my family’s influence shaped who I am and where I am today. I decided to list some of the lessons I learned from those in my family who had an important bearing on my life.

Featured in Latin Business Today on October 15, 2014

Small Business Owners Need an Advocate When Negotiating a Lease

Many small businesses begin to reach a point where the business needs to move out of the owner’s home and into a separate facility.  However, with the pursuit of a location and its eventual discovery comes the dreaded commercial lease.  This document is a serious document and should be given great deal of consideration and attention.

Featured in The Miami Herald blog, The Starting Gate, on August 6, 2013

Duck Estate-Planning Fiascos Before It’s Too Late

“It’s a double-edged sword; people don’t want to communicate what property is going to be given because it could cause animosity. It may cause animosity now, but you can deal with it. Later on, you have no control of it because you are gone,” says attorney Senen Garcia, founder of SG Law Group in Coconut Grove, Fla.

Featured in Yahoo! Finance on May 13, 2013

10 Things to Do Now to Prepare for Next Tax Season

Review, Review, Review

Getting together with your tax professional really isn’t just for when you need to file your 1040. “Speak with your tax professional. They can review your tax situation and offer some advice to start planning ahead,” said Senen Garcia of SG Law Group in Coconut Grove, Fla.

Featured in Yahoo! Finance on April 25, 2013