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What is a Employment Contracts?

Employment contracts are often used for high level and necessary employees. The employment contract allows the business to be protected from losing the employee unannounced. It helps establish the person as an employee and not as an independent contractor. Often employment contracts include a type of restriction on future employment of the individual in the immediate area or similar work to give the business added leverage from the free movement of the employee or even limit what the employee can disclose from the employee during the employee’s time with the company. All of these restrictions create the aura of employer-employee relationship.

When these types of contracts are called into action, however, the relationship between employer and employee can already be strained, quickly turning into litigated disputes. This is why it always important to have an attorney involved in the drafting of every employee contract, as no employee contract or relationship is the same. By having an attorney at SG Law Group draft and review your employment contract, the likelihood of litigation can be lessened allowing for a more profitable business.

Benefits of having a Employment Contracts?

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How long does it take to have a custom Employment Contracts?


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Employment Contracts


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