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What is a Certificates of Incorporation?

The certificate of incorporation is another term for articles of incorporation. The articles of incorporation (organization) are a required public document filed within the corporation’s state of residence to evidence the corporation’s existence. States normally require things such as company name, address, business purpose (although “any lawful purpose” is usually denoted as most business’ purpose), the corporation’s registered agent, the number of shares issued (in the case of a corporation), and who is running the company to be included in the articles of incorporation.

All this information located in the articles of incorporation is used to inform the state of the basic information regarding the company. For instance, providing the registered agent and address it provides the state who should be contacted in the case of another individual choosing to pursue litigation against the company. However, while there are some required articles that must be included in the articles of incorporation and filed with the state, some articles not mandated but are definitely recommended. As SG Law Group, we will determine not only if you have the right information to file with the state but also conclude if additional articles are necessary for your business.

Benefits of having a Certificates of Incorporation?

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How long does it take to have a custom Certificates of Incorporation?


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Certificates of Incorporation


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