Hurricane Claims

2017 – the year was active with hurricanes in the Caribbean. Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida on Sunday, September 10, 2017 and since then many families in the area are still attempting to recover. Some have already filed hurricane claims with their homeowner’s insurance company, only to be let down by a complete denial, [...]

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Why You Should Go with a Franchise Business?

You have made the decision: you wish to begin your own business. You’ve sorted through the idea of starting your own business as a sole proprietorship, perhaps maybe even a partnership. Of course at some point you may think about other concerns such as how do I get the word out about my business or [...]

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Just Because You Cut Your Finger, Are You Qualified to Perform Open-Heart Surgery?

Picture this: you cut your finger chopping vegetables. Immediately, you run to your medicine cabinet and treat the cut on your finger: you wash the cut with saline solution in order to disinfect it, add a splash of hydrogen peroxide, rub some anti-biotic ointment, and cover the cut with a bandage. Now, are you ready [...]

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Shopping for Legal Services is Not the Same as Shopping for Products

Recently, I was in the market for protein bars. I visited several different markets in the search for the perfect protein bar, both price-wise and nutritional value. Not being happy with any of the products I ran into, I decided to take my search online. After some time searching, I ended up purchasing a protein [...]

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Understanding the Fresh Start Initiative from IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has implemented a new “Fresh Start” program that helps taxpayers pay outstanding debt and avoid implementation of tax liens. Individuals who owe back taxes on personal income tax, corporate income tax, and payroll tax may all be eligible for the Fresh Start program. But, How does that work? The IRS [...]

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Can you Short Term Leasing or Subleasing your apartment?

Many individuals and businesses who rent a home/apartment or a location at one point have come across the opportunity or have at least contemplated the idea of renting/leasing a room/office in the leased premises to either make some extra money or reduce their overhead costs this is called short term leasing or subleasing.  However, while [...]

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Is A Power Of Attorney Any Good?

Many individuals have heard the term power of attorney or POA for short.  However, most do not fully understand what it is and how the document functions.  A POA is a document used to give another person the authority to handle some responsibilities on your behalf (limited power of attorney) or all responsibilities on your [...]

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Crowdfunding for Investment: How Does it work?

Crowdfunding the new thing. Up until recently, funding for business boiled down to getting a loan, private investment such as angel investors or venture capitalists, or the stock market.  However, beginning on May 16, 2016, a new method of obtaining funding for business will commence.  The method involves the crowdfunding market specifically using the crowdfunding [...]

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DBA v. Opening a company

When opening a business, most owners are excited to get the business off the ground and running.  However, as most have become aware, how the company is setup legally will be important in protecting the business owners.  With this being said, many have considered using a fictitious name or DBA (doing business as) to start [...]

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Real Estate – Commercial Leases

  One should obtain professional legal assistance for either drafting or reviewing every contract they enter, but commercial leases are particularly important. Commercial leases will benefit or burden a tenant for the length of lease term depending on what is included in the lease and how it is drafted. Here are a few special legal [...]

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