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How Should I Enforce a Contract?

So, you have a valid contract with all the essential terms in it.  You expect everything to work out fine but the other party is not living up to your expectations and, most importantly, their part of the deal.  What options do you have?  Well, being in this situation can be stressful as most individuals [...]

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Contractors VS Employees: What’s Best For You?

Contractors vs. Employees Contractors can be a better option because it saves the employer in costs. An independent contractor typically operates under his/her own business name and supplies their own materials, therefore, saving the employer in labor and material costs. Employers also don’t withhold taxes from payments to independent contractors. Hiring an independent contractor vs. [...]

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Protections of LLC’s

What protections do LLC's offer? The most effective way for business owners to protect their personal assets is for them to file as a corporation or LLC. By filing as a corporation, there is no personal liability for any debts, breaches of contract, or personal injuries that may be caused by the corporation, its employees, [...]

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Handshake Deals with Friends

Avoid is hiring people that you know and assuming nothing can go wrong. In order to be successful, you should hire people who are best suited and have expertise in their designated role. Avoid taking your family members or friends and try to fit them into a role that they may not be suited for. [...]

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Crowdfunding vs. Private Placement, which should we go for?

Crowdfunding is a new way. Crowdfunding is a new way for small businesses to raise funding in a fairly quick manner. The business must post their idea on an approved crowdfunding portal, such as kickstarter.com. Some advantages of crowdfunding are that anyone can donate almost any amount, large or small, to any business or project [...]

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Second Home Tax Advantages

Second Home Tax Advantages Looking for a way to make your vacation home a little more affordable? Have you ever thought about turning your vacation home into a business? By answering yes to both of these questions, you may be thinking of saving a little money. By turning your vacation home into a business, you [...]

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Tax Tips for the Recent Graduate

Tax Tips for the Recent Graduate So you just graduated from college, and now you are on your own for many things—including tax preparation. It is likely that your parents and peers will give little if any guidance on how you should go about filing your tax return. So what should you do? This short article [...]

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Your Rights as an Employee When You’re Expecting

Your Rights as an Employee When You’re Expecting Thinking about having a child but scared that your employment, or the employment of your loved one, may be in jeopardy? First, congratulations on this life-changing event that is sure to be a wonderful period in your life. Second, fear not, for the US government has made [...]

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Cuatro consejos rápidos sobre impuestos para el emprendedor.

Emprendedor estos consejos sobre impuestos son para ti: 1. Las comidas Las comidas son deducibles hasta el 50% de los costos de los impuestos, pero debe haber habido un propósito de negocios para la comida. Simplemente ir a almorzar durante la jornada no es suficiente. Por ejemplo, si está conociendo a un cliente o a [...]

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