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What is Asset Purchases in Acquisitions?

One way to merge and/or acquire a business is to buy the entirety of its assets instead of the business itself. The merging and/or acquiring of the assets (as opposed to merging and or acquiring the shares or ownership interest), however, means that the stock or ownership interest is not transferred. This means that the ownership of the company is retained by the previous owners. The buyer, therefore, must make a new entity (or have one already in place) in which to transfer the newly purchased assets.

An asset purchase can be especially useful when there are liabilities that the purchaser has no desire to take over. For example, if a business is subject to a long-term lease, the buyer would not be under any obligation to continue the lease, whereas the stock purchaser would be obligated.

Benefits of having an attorney assist with your Asset Purchase in Acquisitions?

  • Attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the law.
  • Can represent the company or individual with the proper course of action before merging or acquiring a business.
  • Are available for counsel and advice as needed.

How long does it take to assist with Asset Purchases in Acquisitions?

Approximately 2-4 business days)*

*Depending on Specifications

Asset Purchases in Acquisitions


Why our firm to assist with your Asset Purchase in Acquisitions?

Before even starting the merging and/or acquiring process for such a purpose, attorneys at SG Law Group will make sure an asset purchase is a proper method for your merger and/or acquisition, in consideration of, but not limited to, future liability and tax implications.


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