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Why should have attorney with when entering into a lease agreement?

When a tenant enters into a lease with a landlord there are requirements landlords have in taking care of the rental unit to avoid potentially getting sue from the renter. The best to illustrate this is with an example. Let’s say a landlord has an apartment for rent. The landlord finds a tenant and has the renter sign a lease contract. The tenant moves into the apartment and begins following the terms laid out in the lease contract. The renter then discovers mold in the apartment and discovers the mold is in a large portion of the apartment. The renter notifies the landlord of the mold and the extent of the mold. Mold is considered a hazardous condition and, in most cases, are grounds for deeming a rental unit unlivable. There is a theory called the implied warranty of habitability. Under this theory, a rental unit must be livable through the term of a lease contract. If, after notice to the landlord by the tenant of the unlivable condition as set forth in the statute, the condition is not remedied, the renter has the option or abating the rent while finding a temporary location or could even get out of the remaining portion of the lease contract.
Returning to our example, once the landlord receives notice from the tenant of the mold in the apartment, the landlord is under a duty to repair the unlivable condition as set forth in the state’s statutes. If the landlord fails to make the rental unit livable, the landlord could find his lease contract cancelled by the tenant. In fact, the landlord could be sued by the renter if the conditions injured the renter in some way such as causing the medical issues in the case of mold. Of course, the tenant also has the right to find a new rental unit to rent either temporarily or permanently depending on the state’s laws and the circumstances. So, if the landlord refuses to let the tenant abate the rent or get out of the lease contract because of the mold, the tenant may be able to sue the landlord not only for the damage the conditions caused to the tenant but also for the security deposit or at least the portion entitled to be returned to the tenant.

Benefits of an attorney in a lease issue

  • Attorneys know the law and can properly represent you.
  • An attorney .
  • Can potentially avoid litigation by having it drafted correctly.

How long does it take to have a custom lease agreement?

Approximately 1-2 business days*

*Depending on Specifications


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