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Why should you have an attorney involved in negotiating a residential lease?

Residential leases can be complicated. Residential leases contain conditions such as what the renter can do with the home as well as who can be in the home. Other examples of clauses within a residential lease include renters requiring prior written consent before altering the home, either verbally or in writing. The reason for these conditions is because of the additional burden on the property. Landlords want to limit damage and liability on themselves. Therefore, many of these clauses are set forth to protect the landlord. However, some clauses may not be necessary and may be overly burdensome to the renter. In fact, some clauses, if left in the residential lease, may nullify the lease altogether.

Therefore, it is always good advice to properly analyze a residential lease when signing it. A lawyer comes in handy in this particular instance. An attorney can review and/draft the residential lease in such a way to ensure the express language within the residential lease allowing the renter or landlord to obtain relief if the relationship turns sour.

Benefits of a having a Residential Lease

  • Documents a the relationship.
  • Can provide for longer terms than month to month leases.
  • Can potentially be used during litigation regarding proof of the transaction and any subsequent breach.

How long does it take to have a custom Residential Leases?

Approximately 1-2 business days*

*Depending on Specifications

Residential Leases


Why our firm to make your custom Residential Leases?

The attorneys at SG Law Group are qualified in representing either the landlord or tenant when reviewing or writing a residential lease agreement. Call SG Law Group today to make sure your next residential lease includes the right terms and conditions to protect your rights.


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