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When do you have deed disputes?

Deeds can come in many forms from quitclaim deeds to general warranty deeds. These, and ultimately every kind of deed, proclaim the amount of responsibility the seller is willing to take on in the transfer of the property. A quitclaim deed gives no responsibility to the seller. It transfers the property to the buyer in an “as is” condition. Special Warranty deeds transfer some responsibility to the seller, but only the responsibilities expressly mentioned in the deed. Finally, a general warranty deed provides the most protection to the buyer as it signifies that the seller warrants that it has good, clear title to the property being sold. Good, clear title would mean the seller guarantees both no one else can claim ownership to the property other than the buyer and there are no issues with the property such as liens or violations.

Deed disputes often occur when either two of the less protective deeds (Quit Claim Deeds and Special Warranty Deeds) are used. It is always good to involve an experienced attorney on your behalf if these deed disputes occur as property law can be quite complicated. The deed disputes arise when a party who has a claim to the property (e.g., having a title to the property), challenges the current owner/possessor of the property.

Benefits of having an attorney represent you in a deed dispute

  • Attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the law.
  • Can determine what research is necessary to confirm the true owner of the property.
  • Can defend in litigation to defend the owners with their ownership of the deed.

How long does it take to have a custom Deed Disputes?

Approximately 1-2 business days*

*Depending on Specifications

Deed Disputes


Why our firm to make your custom Deed Disputes?

The deed dispute places into question the current titleholder’s ownership and, in turn, the seller’s claim they held “good, clear title” to the property. Therefore, the new owner does not have “good, clear title” either. This can result in the new buyer being required to clear the title by bringing litigation, or paying the claim holder to settle. And, depending on the type of deed executed, the buyer may no ability to go after the seller. This risk of future payments and other issues on top of the purchase price is why it is a good idea to hire an experienced attorney like those at SG Law Group. The attorneys at SG Law Group can make sure the title is clear, and/or aid in any deed disputes that arise after the fact.


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