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When would you want an attorney to help you with your real estate needs?

The area of real estate covers a wide range of segments. These segments include closing of the sale or purchase of real estate, drafting or reviewing leases, eviction issues, matters involving homeowner associations, topics involving condominium association, tax deed matters, and even real estate tax appeals. Theoretically, all these areas of real estate can be handled without the use of an attorney.

However, real estate generally involves either significant amounts of money or a significant amount of risk. That means if you are selling a real estate property, taking on a new tenant, or handling an issue that involves a homeowner association or condominium association you expose yourself to a list of potential problems. You will experience problems if even one clause in your contract is written incorrectly, items are not adequately functioning on your real estate property, or a rule or code is violated in your community.

Benefits of having an attorney represent you with your real estate issue

  • Attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the law.
  • Can represent you in aspects of your real estate issue even before litigation.
  • Can negotiate with the other party as needed to help bring resolution.

How long does it take to assist with your real estate needs?

Assisting in any of your real estate needs is a very delicate and intricate process. It depends on the service you require and your specifications. Our firm will stay with you every step of the way. We want to make sure you are properly represented and are kept abreast of all your real estate matters. Furthermore, our Firm will be there to keep you informed of your rights and options with respect to you real estate needs.


Why our firm to assist with your real estate needs?

Considering what could go wrong and what is at stake, would you not want to ensure you are protected from all contractual obligations and/or rules and regulations? Of course you would, and attorneys are the best way to do it! Attorneys are specifically designed to both draft and review documents for real estate transactions whether it is for a closing to purchase a property or for a residential or commercial lease.


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