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What is the importance of properly filing a homeowner insurance claim?

Homeowners are very familiar with property insurance or home insurance. Homeowners understand the basics of home insurance. If something happens to your home, you can place a claim with your insurance company and the insurance company will determine whether or not the damage is covered under the property insurance policy and to what extent. The insurance company will send out its insurance adjuster to inspect the home and surrounding property. The insurance adjuster will then review the damaged area, take necessary measurements, run analysis, and then notify the insurance company. In the insurance adjuster’s opinion, it will state if the claim is justified and to what extent of the property damage should be covered as per the property insurance policy. Normally, the insurance company will send you a letter indicating if your claim is confirmed and, if so, how much of the claim will be covered by the property insurance policy as determined by the insurance company. If you own a home, you may think the decision rendered by the insurance company is final as the property insurance policy is their policy and who better to know what is covered and what is not, right?… Wrong!

First, and foremost, the property insurance policy is a contract entered into between the insurance company and you. What determines coverage on the policy is what is set forth in the property insurance policy not what the insurance company says. Therefore, if your claim is either denied or not paid in full, then you may still proceed against the insurance company for a part or the entire claim depending on your situation.

Benefits of having an attorney represent your homeowner insurance claim

  • Attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the law.
  • Can represent you in aspects of the claim including litigation.
  • Can negotiate with the insurance company as needed throughout the entire process.

How long does it take to represent in a homeowner insurance claim?

A homeowner insurance claim is a very delicate and intricate process. It takes dedication and willingness to represent your homeowner insurance claim. Our firm will stay with you every step of the way. We want to make sure you are properly represented and are kept abreast of the matter at hand. Furthermore, our Firm will be there to keep you informed of your rights and options with respect to the claim. 


Why our firm to represent your homeowner insurance claim?

The question is how do you get the insurance company to pay out on a valid claim on your property damage? This is where SG Law Group and our attorneys can help you with your property damage claim. Our devoted attorneys and staff will focus their attention on your property damage claim and represent you both during the estimation of the property damage as well as representation in court (if necessary). SG Law Group’s attorneys and staff will be with you every step of the way until we have resolution to your property damage claim. Have any questions with your property claim? Not sure if you can recover? Has a claim been filed on your home and you have not received your funds to help repair your home? Call us to see how SG Law Group’s attorneys can help you.


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