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What are Property Claims?
If damage occurs to your property and your insurance refuses to pay on your claims or underpays the amount needed to properly repair the property, it may be necessary to litigate the matter. Whether the damage is accidental or an act of God, like a thunderstorm or hurricane, we can assist you. Our Property Claims Team is in the position to help our Clients to attempt to collect the funds necessary to restore their property back to its condition before the unfortunate circumstances occurred.


If you are unsure whether or not you have a valid property claims case, ask yourself the following questions:


Has your home or business suffered from property damage such as wind, storm, fire, theft, pipe burst, water/roof leak, and mold? Do you have a claim that you need to file against your homeowner’s insurance policy company? Did you already file a claim that was denied or that you feel was underpaid? Did you know that your insurance company has a team of experts that represents them to determine the value of the loss? Regarding Insurance Claims, Our office does not get paid unless we are successful obtaining funds towards your claim.


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