What is an Incorporation?

When it comes to establishing your business, the first step is deciding what structure to use and then deciding the various details to finalize the structure. The following lists many of the services we offer our Clients to ensure not only that they have chosen the proper structure for their business, but also capitalizes on the features of an effective and productive company.

It is important to note many websites offer simple filings and blank forms. Either of these “services” may meet state requirements but they are not tailored to your company’s specific needs. Additionally, these websites generally do not have attorneys whom you can speak with or consult with regarding questions you may have on how to properly set up your business. Contrary to popular belief, there is no one structure that fits all. In order to avoid future pitfalls and get your company started off on the right track, it is highly recommended to seek the advice of an attorney who can properly guide you through the formation of the company.

Why our firm?

The qualified personnel at our Firm can draft documents specifically tailored to your business and your needs. Many websites offer blank fill-in forms without an understanding of the document’s use and importance. Our firm prides itself on educating our customers about every document we draft on their behalf and its use within their company.

What services do we provide?

Incorporating your business or structuring an LLC is very important for both liability and tax purposes. For liability purposes, having a structured business limits your liability to the amount you have invested. For tax purposes, you can reduce paying taxes on your profit by reducing the FICA that will be paid. While anyone can fill out documents for filing purposes, it is imperative the various documents needed are drafted with not only the company’s business in mind, but also the interests of the owners and officers as well.

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