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Why use a service contract?

Service contracts can cover everything from lawn and garden care to the administration of a business’s information technology. The main similarity of service contracts being that one party provides services in exchange for some type of “consideration”—the consideration consisting of things such as money, other services, or property. These service contracts happen every day, therefore, most end pleasantly. However, a contracting party does need to think about situations involving negligence and outside liability. Negligence occurs when the party performing their part in the service contract fails to perform to a level of satisfaction or workmanship.

This could happen when the lawn care provider fails to adequately care for your lawn, for instance or, in the case of outside liability, if a rock accidently hits your neighbor that was accidently shot from the lawn mowing equipment while cutting your grass. Every effort needs to be taken to ensure that all parties are in alignment on the liability they will assume and the standard of care to be held.

Benefits of a having a Service Contract

  • Documents the relationship.
  • Can provide for additional terms and conditions aside from the main purpose of the agreement.
  • Can potentially be used during litigation regarding proof of the transaction and any subsequent breach.

How long does it take to create a custom Service Contract?

Approximately 1-2 business days*

*Depending on Specifications

Service Contracts


Why SG Law Group to create your custom Service Contracts?

Attorneys at SG Law Group routinely handle service contract drafting and disputes. By having an attorney from SG Law Group involved in your legal issue makes sure your current and future legal rights are understood and protected.


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