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What is a Breach of Contract?

We always strive to do the right thing such as following through on our promises. Yet, there may be times where situations do not allow us to do that. Or, worse yet, another party does not follow through with their end of the deal. Well, in legal terms this is known as a breach of contract (even if nothing is in writing this situation is still considered a breach of contract). When breach of contract occurs, one side has not followed through. It generally does not matter why someone did not follow through just that one side failed to act (or in some cases not act). Of course, sometimes a breach of contract may not be a breach of contract (at least to one party). For instance, there could be an agreement to ship goods to another party.

All the goods are the same and perform the same function, but one day a shipment is slightly different. While the goods look generally the same and perform the same function, there is a sufficient enough distinction from the previous shipments to lead the receiving party to conclude the shipping party breached the contract when it came to shipping the goods. Meanwhile, the shipping party may point out the agreement was to provide goods that looked generally the same and performed the specific function. Now, you have a difference of opinion as to whether or not a breach of contract did occur. What happens next? Well, hopefully the parties can resolve this issue. Though, if they cannot, this is where an attorney comes in. An attorney understands the law of contracts and can determine if a breach occurred and, if so, what damages would be reasonable.

Benefits of having an attorney represent you with your breach of contract issue

  • Attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the law.
  • Can represent you in aspects of the breach of contract issue even before litigation.
  • Can negotiate with the other party as needed throughout entire process even after litigation has started.

How long does it take to have a custom breach of contract?

Approximately 1-2 business days*

*Depending on Specifications


Why our firm to represent your custom breach of contract issue?

Lawyers have obtained both knowledge through education and experience through work. However, a lawyer’s role is not limited to lawsuits. Lawyers can help negotiate and settle matters before it arrives in court. Of course, if the situations cannot be settled, then a lawsuit is the next step and that is where a lawyer really shows why you needed one in the first place. Keep in mind attorneys will always seek a resolution that is in your business’ or your best interest. This resolution can take place by the attorney attempting settling even during the lawsuit, or it could be in voluntary dismissing the case if the chances of winning are low based on evidence obtained from the other party (presuming you are on the side who filed the lawsuit). It is for these reasons SG Law Group is the firm to represent your interests. The lawyers at SG Law Group understand what is necessary to enforce a contract and/or defend against a breach of contract claim. The attorneys at SG Law Group will work as much as necessary to obtain the best resolution for your situation.


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