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What is the benefit of an independent contractor?

Hiring independent contractors can be a good way to lessen your business’s legal liability. A business is ordinarily only liable for its owners and its agents, depending on its structure. An agent is anyone that works on the behalf and under the control of the business entity. Being liable for the agents spreads the liability of the business across multiple persons, increasing the probability of liability. However, if the business uses independent contractors, part of this liability is extinguished.

The independent contractor is not an agent of the business who contracted them, but only an agent of the independently contracted company. This characteristic is often distinguished by the person who provides the supplies with which the contractor works and who controls the person’s movement. As one could assume, an independent contract can become an agent if the right circumstances arise. Thus, it is important to make clear in the contracts with the independent contracting company the parameters of the job to be done, and the necessity of the party to provide all necessary items for which to perform the contracted service.


Benefits of independent contractors

  • Generally, limit the liability of the company.
  • Provide less tax burden than employees
  • Can potentially complete in a set time so long as the agreement is in writing.


How long does it take to have a custom Independent Contractor Agreement?

Approximately 1-2 business days*

*Depending on Specifications

Independent Contractor


Why our firm to make your custom Independent Contractor Agreement?

To make sure your company is not held liable for its independent contractors it is best to have an attorney at SG Law Group review your independent contractor contracts and the normal business practices of both parties. This will ensure that your company is not held liable for the acts of a person whose main purpose was to lessen your company’s liability both legally and financially.


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