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What is an Employment Agreement?

As a business owner, both large and small, one has or will have the necessity of hiring personnel to help your business grow and succeed. In many cases, this undertaking can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. The best approach is ensuring the recruitment and selection process from the application portion through eventual hiring falls within the law.

An employment agreement is essential to protect information from being used against the company such as client information, product specifications, etc. It also ensures, while the individual is still employed by the company, to keep the information it obtains confidential from the public. Employment agreements also are a method to shield the company from issues regarding confidential information given to them by clients. It will show the company takes steps to protect confidential information and puts employees on notice as to what is expected of them.

Benefits of having Employment Agreements

  • Any business planning to employ individuals.
  • Businesses with any information companies do not wish employees to use against the business.
  • Any business owner who needs to hire or is hiring employees.

How long does it take to have a custom Employment Agreement completed?

Approximately 1-2 business days*

*Depending on Specifications

Employment Agreement


Why our firm to make your custom Employment Agreement?

Considering business owners lack the time to sift through the laws regarding employment, our Firm is the best way to ensure adherence to the laws as a result of our familiarity with the laws of employment. We also possess the skills to review the company’s procedures to make sure the business is compliant. Furthermore, our Firm recognizes how essential such an agreement is to the business. While some businesses reside in at-will states allowing them to terminate employees-at-will, it is still essential to have employment agreements, as they include clauses not involved with at-will laws. Our Firm is knowledgeable of these laws and will work to protect our business clients by making sure these clauses are included and tailored to your particular business.

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